5 Chatbot Features that will Raise The Success of your Bot

Leveraging Chatbots in your system will help your business to Boost The Level of Engagement and Enhance Customer Communication. Doesn’t matter if you are an established name or a growing company, chatbot services are always a magnificent tool to delight customers and serve value across buying processes. 

Nowadays, consumers are very demanding and continuously on the lookout for ways to get their questions answered immediately. Organizations need an interactive voice response system to respond in real-time to customer queries, especially when they don't have time to wait for an email response from the call center workforce. Chatbot technology serves this purpose well by responding in less than three seconds, 24/7/365. 

Deploying bots can help businesses automate conversation, according to research customers are more comfortable interacting with chatbots. You need to know those artificial intelligent chatbot functions that can help you deliver a prompt answer to your customers’ questions. 

What Makes a Successful Chatbot?  

Technology, flow, and design are the 3 key elements of building a chatbot that positively impacts your business. A chatbot has many features to ensure the quality of the conversation includes: 

  • Understanding context 
  • personalization
  • Engaging with a common language
  • Providing a feedback loop and continuous improvement opportunities
  • Ensuring high-quality delivery through integration with technology
  •  Modifying the conversation flow based on the customer's responses



Now let’s see, 5 Chatbot Features that will Raise The Success of your Bot;

1. Live Chat Handover

Smart bots with natural language processing capabilities and appropriate dialog management strategies can swiftly and accurately handle customer conversations. However, there are situations where robots fail. In this case, fallback helps transfer the user to the human agent, who can confidently deal with the rest of the tasks.

Frequently, a customer in a live chat would like to speak to an agent right after the chatbot has taken over the conversation. Here the fallback option is essential to let customers exit the chatbot conversation and interact with a live agent in case of urgency. 

2. Visual Flow Builder

While building a chatbot you need to make sure that it should be easy and hustle-free. With the visual flow builder, you can build chatbots directly on the bot platform. Based on a drag-and-drop principle and with no coding required, it provides you with the possibility to visually design your dialogues and conversations to create smarter bots that react intelligently to your users' inquiries and interactions. In just a few clicks you get a fully automated customer support or employee assistant.

3. Chatbot Analysis

You can easily authenticate customers by using the chatbot analytics feature. Just take a look at the data insights, such as the total number of logs and chat sessions. You can even find out the number of messages that were successfully handled by bots, as well as the ones that led to human involvement.

By creating a successful chatbot strategy, you can access the growth of your business by measuring your performance. 

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot 

Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots capable of human-like conversations are all the rage among companies looking to deal with customer queries. 

However, chatbots have their limitations, in as much as, they lack a human touch and instead deliver feedback in a canned response. On the other hand, AI-powered chatbots can easily understand the visitor’s sentiment to respond dynamically and provide an unparalleled experience.

5. Chatbot API

Implementing a chatbot API helps you go further and achieve more than what a chatbot builder generally allows. To boost customer conversation you can rely on it to pull data from different tools like CRM, databases, etc. Additionally, SAP Conversational AI Platform offers you the option of using pre-existing chatbot templates and emojis which can make your chatbot visually appealing. 


From improving your customer service allowing you to scale yourself as a business, a chatbot has a number of features that can help you achieve your goals. When it comes to choosing the right solution, you need to know that they can be integrated with systems like Slack, Teams, Facebook Messenger, Twilio, and others. You should also be focusing on areas like no code deployment and fallback options to ensure a seamless experience for users. If you are looking for an AI-Powered enterprise chatbot solution that puts your customer first, then we are here to help you!