Before software involved in our sales process, we were managing the leads on excels or in Outlook. But now Lead Management CRM can help you in tracking each of your conversations and interactions you did with the lead which will help in increasing ROI, cost reduction, lead qualification, lead nurturing, contextual interaction, faster responses and automation and hence more closures. 

Following are the steps of the typical workflow of Lead Management software

First of all, all the leads which you are generating from different sources should either get automatically created via integration or you need to import/create them manually, once the lead is in the CRM it needs to be assigned to the marketing person for further follow-ups, nurturing and qualification. In this process, users can send SMS, Email, WhatsApp from the CRM itself and log each call, meeting and tasks as well. Which will give a clear view of that lead and these insights will help inclosure.

So Lead Management is a complete process of tracking and managing sales leads and converting them into Deals and maintaining long term relationships. so it is very important to select a proper software for Lead Management. 

Now we will see the essential features of Lead Management software. 

  1. Capturing a lead -to attract your leads it is very important to define your goals properly so that you can convert strangers to the visitor and visitor to the lead, it is very necessary to establish a baseline that reaches your target.
  2. Lead tracking and distribution– as you have a list of interesting leads with your next step is distributing the leads according to their needs and preferences, separation of qualified and disqualified leads can be done. qualified leads must be followed by a Telecaller or a salesperson to explain your content and disqualified leads must be followed by email, messages and calls to develop their interest and to establish their needs.
  3. Filtering and grading of lead– after tracking of qualified leads it is very important to do the filtering process of leads according to their genuine interest. leads must be generated according to the grades of interest.
  4. Nurturing the leads by emails or calls– after distribution of leads, they must be kept in contact with emails for the call so that they can come across to your strategies and we can come across to their point of interest. 
  5. Closing sales– after nurturing the Leads confirm a site visit and follow-up scheduled to visit till the sales have been closed.

In this way, lead management in CRM can help you to grow your business.


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