In any business, it is very important to make a sales process. The sales process is a systematic approach that includes a series of steps to increase your sales and how to close more deals. it helps to increase margins and make more sales through your references. 

There are five steps sales process, 7 step sales process and even 10 step process. 

The sales process is a cycle of repetitive steps and a systematic approach which includes a series of steps used by sales representatives to crack the deal. It includes steps like prospects, contact client, follow-up timing, deal with obstacles, sales Call Connection, lead opportunity, nurturing leads and converting them into customers.

So let us discuss typical stages in the sales process,

Prospect: This is a very first step in the sales process. you can use your initial contact or you can make a call and Discover new leads. For selling anything it is very necessary to generate leads and someone to sell. 

Qualification of Leads: after trapping prospects it is very necessary to qualify leads according to your needs. A proper connection can help this. You have to check their awareness about your product and find their interest so that you can make a proper decision and decide you are following up timing.

The conversation about obstacles: as far as you start nurturing your leads slowly you will come to know about their objections. try to present your offer and try to overcome the objections. decide your product definition, negotiate if required and try to convert them into permanent customers.

Close the deal: By sales call connection it will be easy for you to close the deal. after resolving their obstacles, makes both of you people assure about your actions. 

Follow up: after closing the deal it is necessary to follow up your customer to convert them into future permanent customers. Proper follow up gives a good impression on their minds. 

The sales process is all about-

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Sales Process

Why do we need a sales process?

To achieve any goal it is very necessary to follow a proper path. 

a properly planned sales process shows a proper path to yourself representative to follow.

It helps them to follow up proper routine to make continuous improvement. 

it helps them to make an escape way if they are stuck in between and you can monitor them. 

surely your revenue will get a boom. it gives a positive impact on the sustainability of your business.

How to improve the existing sales process?

Make a proper map of your current sales process. identify your strong performer. 

With the help of planning, coaching, training you can improve your sales process. 

You can track ideal buyers.

You can nurture and convince yourself that you are not ready.