Real estate CRM software helps the management of all client information and all properties pipeline in one centralised database. It reduces wastage of time in searching property-related information and helps to handle tracking of Leads, documentation, campaigns, proposals display and many more and ultimately help to improve sales. You can easily Converse with your client as all information is stored in one place.

Nowadays about 88% of real estate business comes from references. Real estate CRM software helps to improve your sales in the following ways

  1. Database management– in real estate CRM it is very important to properly manage all the properties to target prospects, strategic planning of all available properties is very important. With the help of an automated marketing tool, you can easily assure every deal gets attended.
  2. Capturing lead– this is the most important step in CRM, CRM software has the capability in integrating with the microsites, Real Estate portals (99 Acres, Magic Bricks etc.) 360-degree view of lead helps to track your leads with their particular interest in the property, also it helps in Lead pipeline management so that you can decide your preferences. as you get your lead it allows sales executive monitoring and gives proper alerts to the leads with the pop-up reminders. proper branding and campaigning are always useful at this stage. It shows the right lead distribution on the dashboard and helps in lead analysis to compare your previous year’s records and profit margins.
  3. Marketing automation– in any business marketing plays a very key role. auto communication and two-way email synchronisation always boost sales. you can customise your sales picture according to the partner’s view.
  4. Proper documentation– first of all, CRM helps businesses in becoming paperless and keep the soft copies of the documents only. documentation is always a hectic part in any business so CRM always allows you in proper documentation management.
  5. Nurturing leads– Once the lead is created in CRM you can regularly send auto emails, SMS and run campaigns which auto nurture the lead. Moreover, you can individually do all the follow-ups actions from the CRM itself under that lead which eventually nurtures the lead to make it sales-ready.
  6. Mobility– have the accessibility of your CRM on the palm of your hand so that you can be on top of your business even on the go. Your deals, offers, closing sales can be managed from wherever you are so that there is no scope of worries to be dependent on Desktop or laptop.