In COVID-19 it is difficult for every salesperson to sell its product. The sales team is always worried about their sales graph so salespeople are finding ways to cope up with such situations. Although the situation is Pandemic, the needs of people are still the same and the show must go on. 

It’s difficult for salespeople to attend their customers personally so they are facing a lot of competition, many businesses are offering fascinating schemes, free offers and gives more flexibility with payment Because it’s not possible for personal meeting salespeople to feel the pressure of workload and their performance speed has also lessened. They spend their 36% of the time in actual selling while remaining time in administrative work, searching leads, arranging them in the pipeline, prioritize leads, searching interested customers and so on. 

The salesperson has to make faster decisions in a pandemic situation as compared to a normal situation but uncertainty is always there. So companies try to pull out the maximum outcome from their current using software they need to give more stress on developing strategies to know their customer and how to enhance their role from provider to value partner. 

CRM can help you in selling more efficiently in the new normal.

Targeting and marketing: CRM helps the salesperson to decide a target for marketing it allows you to divide your customers into segments and predict win and loss analysis. It decides pricing, campaign marketing and promotions so that within a short period you can come across with maximum people. 

Development & Marketing: It allows you to do competitive intelligence and Research. Competitive analysis is more important in any sales, it gives you a clear picture of your weaknesses and so that you can make a proper decision. Concept development is also very important. It shows the point of interest of your customer to enhance that particular concept development.

Sale: CRM helps you to increase your sales by Lead Management, pipelining them, bid and quote management, order management and helps in cross-selling. It helps you to focus on particular leads. 

Helpdesk: It always gives your customer a superior experience as every customer can get attended. If pre-sale experience is good then ultimately it gives you a better outcome. you can interact with your customers by Telecaller, emails and personal calls in pandemic situations.

So CRM always ensures you a better selling in new normal by its features like marketing, sales, feedback and support.