Hybrid workplace: The wave of the future

The world of work is changing. Sometimes it seems like the only thing that's not changing is the way people work. And yet, needs have changed, technology has changed and a new generation of employees has emerged. These changes are forcing people to rethink the way they work and collaborate. Companies are considering different ways of managing their employees' time and energy to maximize productivity without impeding their creative process.

Business models have evolved over time in response to the new normal. The model that best fits your business is going to depend on its size and the situation you find yourself in. A hybrid business model can be a great way for SMEs to maximize their chances of survival as well as growth since it has been carefully engineered to ensure that there are no weak links in any part of the process.

There is no doubt that a hybrid model combining staff and contract workers offers some serious benefits. It allows businesses to vary the number of staff employed as demand fluctuates, it gives clients a choice, and it can also be value for money. In addition, in tough times increasing your exposure to alternative models can broaden your options for the future. 


What is a hybrid work model? 

The hybrid working model is a work style that allows employees to work from a variety of places, including at home, on the go, and in the office. The "modern office" is the name given to this piece of work. Among the most popular versions are:


1. No-office hybrid model: 

The no-office office (or no-office hybrid model) is something that’s become increasingly more common. This means that employees are able to work from anywhere and anytime, as long as they get their work done. Basically, a lot of tech companies use this type of structure for example; I’d argue that most startups do because it allows for flexibility, especially when the going gets tough. 


2. Team-split hybrid model:

This is where at least one team or part of a company splits their work between the office and home. It’s not a new model, but it is becoming more popular to fit with other trends, such as telecommuting and remote work. There are many ways to manage this kind of hybrid model, and while it’s definitely not the only option, it can be an effective form of working and managing remote workers


3. Fully flexible hybrid work: 

From an employer’s perspective, giving your employees the choice to come into the office or work remotely is the best of both worlds. It gives you cost-effective advantages and the freedom to attract staff who prefer to work at home.


Benefits of Hybrid Work Model 

A hybrid work model is where a business adopts characteristics of different models to meet the needs of its workforce. It’s a deliberate decision rather than an unplanned outcome. 


Hybrid working is Cost savings

Hybrid working is the combination of collaborative workspaces and remote workers to maximize cost savings while maintaining flexibility. Hybrid workers can work together in real-time, at different times of day, or simply work from different locations. This flexibility of where you work can be both exciting, and a money-saving opportunity.


Balance Work-life 

hybrid working opportunities exist for employees as an alternative method for achieving a better work-life balance, and to examine if such a method actually facilitates better balance.


Better productivity and Better hiring 

The hybrid working model is a flexible way of managing work and people experience. Many companies which already embraced the hybrid model are now hiring better employees, more productive employees, and more diverse employees.


Taking a step into the workplace of the future

Hybrid working is where you can mix the things that you love from two or more different working styles. The only thing that is constant, is constant change, and how you work best will likely change over time. Don’t get stuck in just one way of working because it seems easier to stick with what you know. Technology makes hybrid working possible, and embracing a hybrid style of working is certainly going to benefit your business.