Ways to Deliver The Best Onboarding Solution for New Hires

Knowing how to reach your new hire's expectations is vital to a successful onboarding program. Executing the right program can make the difference between retaining and losing. According to the research, 55% of employees decide if they will continue with a company or not from their onboarding experience. The onboard experience is essential for any company to save top talents; ultimately, it decides the company's future. Any of the companies must preserve the best people they have got. The initial days of any employee are always a little bit awkward as they need time to adapt to a new environment. Still, it's the company's responsibility to make them feel welcomed and valued. Their colleagues should make them feel accepted. 

In most big companies, HR managers prioritize the best onboarding experience. If it is splendid, it ultimately reduces the cost of recruiting and training expenses. Some companies send welcome emails and offer letters two weeks before the actual joining date to make new hires understand their responsibilities properly. Here are some measures for serving the best onboarding experience to your new hires.

  • Welcome: Companies should focus on sending proper welcome messages which cover the company's plans, policies, information, work tips, job duties, future plans, warm wishes, and quick check-ins. There should be easy availability of setups and a help desk to avoid isolating the onboarding experience. According to the grades, there should be a little bit of change in matters.


  • Documentation: It is vital to document all the welcome processes so that there should be no possibility of forgetting. Onboarding experience matters; many companies' check-ins must be available on web integration 24/7 so that anybody can access them. Knowledge and slant of ex-employee should be documented. Values, culture, the company's history, benefits, training programs must be indicated. One should allow company care with 1:1 with the project supervisor. Setup of laptop software, the password must be documented.


  • Personal touch: It is the responsibility of everybody in a company to make a new hire feel comfortable. Personal adoring gestures can do miracles. One can make a small Intro on the joining date. 


        Turn-by-turn having meals with colleagues so that new hires should not feel leftover. You can send an email asking 'how are you feeling friend '? Asked to share difficulties in working and their problems. Offer gifts, handwritten notes, and welcome kits. So many small gestures can do a great job.

  • Engagement: Initial days in a new company with many new faces and new work are difficult for everyone; they feel anxious as a newcomer. So frequent check-ins make life easier and show your care. Assigning mentors or buddies for new hires will increase their productivity and integration within a company. Try figuring out their interest and engage their positive energy i extracurricular activities. Encourage them to play games, skits, and take part in fancy dress. Send the survey papers adding some questions about their experience.


  • Automation of documentation: The work of HR is not so easy as he has to do paperwork, scheduling, follow-ups, design company policy. So automatic notifications, reminders, and updates of documents, policies can help him a lot and help to decrease his work pressure by 60%. He can channelize his extra time into giving the best onboarding experience for new hires. Forbes survey says, 20% of staff decide whether they want to be with a company or not in the first 60 days for a good onboarding experience is so important for any kind of company.

Better Employee Brings Higher Profit

In the early years, HR discipline was considered a 'reach for the cloud' as companies tried to replace talent systems with integrated HR platforms. After some years, they realize that 'there is a need for a makeover and now it's digital HR.' today's HR focus is diverted on creating an organization of the future. They prefer hiring young, digitally trained workers who are comfortable doing all the things by themselves and sharing Genuine information. HR's major role in helping organizations be digital and not just do digital.

As an employer, one has thought about how an organization can help HR functions go digital? Which digital tools should be used, which app should be followed to deliver the solution?.

Every year, 56% of companies Redesign their HR Program to go Digital and More Innovative. 51% of companies are currently in The Process of Redeveloping. 33% of HR Teams use some form of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 41% of companies are using a Mobile App to deliver HR Services.


Let us Discuss Steps to Successfully Transform HR Processes into New Technologies

1. Redefining Goals: Today's HR helps management, employees rapidly transform and learn digital ways of working. Learn digital organization structures, network analysis, and digital leadership models.

 2. Upgrade old Technologies: Replace old systems with integrated cloud platforms for digitally sound infrastructure. Update old tools of learning, recruitment, performance management to new ones to be easy to use by employees. Try to build multi-layer HR Technologies, including cloud ERP platforms, apps, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and other solutions.

3. Create a digital HR team: Create a new HR team to explore new ideas of solutions to improve services, recruitment, and learning. Companies like Technobase have digital design HR teamwork with IT to design and update digital apps.

4. Build strong business partners: Always make sure that the digital HR team created by you is communicating well. Think about your HR organization model and focus your efforts on payroll, benefits, performance management, learning and development, and hiring. Try to adopt high-performing HR team-leading practices and always watch what other teams are doing. Try to innovate and reinvent every person's practice. Investigate new Innovations in recruiting. Try to find people with high performance in a company.

5. Recruit younger people into the HR profession: Rotate regularly all the people from the business of HR. Recruit senior leaders, new MBA's to bring analytic skills to the profession. Younger people are always energetic and more innovative. They are always curious about new technologies and take part in evolution.

6. Comparative studies: Visit other companies to see what they are doing. Try to communicate with speakers and continuously look for new ideas. Nowadays, HR digital transformation practices come from innovative ideas and real-time experiences. They were not written in any book so make yourself 'lean into' new technologies. Transformation of HR processes to Technologies is a combination of continuous experiments and innovations.


A good onboarding process can help new hires quickly become valuable and productive members of your organization. Implementing mentioned guidelines can make it happen.