What can we Expect from The Help Desk in 2022

The help desk, often positioned as the “First Point of Call” for end-users and the organization’s desire to deliver service excellence to internal and external customers, has a reputation of being a magnet for change and innovation. As such, it is invaluable that IT service desks are kept fully abreast of what will be important for them in 2022. 

Perfect Storms are disruptive, and we’re in the middle of one that is going to dramatically change the Helpdesk. In this brief, this blog is going to describe expectations from the help desk in 2022. In fact, they are already starting to happen. These expectations, combined with the changing IT industry from end-users, will force many help desks to change or be changed.

Employee Experience must be The Core of Helpdesk Management System Focal 

Help desk software should be more than just an answering service. In 2022, expect IT organizations to have matured their technology estate to the point where they have the ability to control and optimize how their people work, rather than try and pick up the pieces afterward. An IT service desk is an investment that enables the delivery of tangible business value through such things as improved customer experience, better employee productivity, and operational efficiency, all for a lower overall operating cost.

Help desk personnel are the human face of IT departments. The right appointment of staff will play a key role in how successful business support teams can be, and ultimately the value they bring to their business. Plus, managers should consider the recruitment and training processes that capitalize on existing employee experience and strengths. 

The use of AI Capabilities in Helpdesk will Increase 

By 2022, intelligent automation will be playing a bigger role in IT help desk operations. Help desk analysts will be able to focus on higher value-add tasks, and automation will provide greater insight for decision-making purposes. The scope of use cases will continue to grow, as intelligent automation directly addresses several key IT challenges: operational efficiency, cost reduction, and employee skillset optimization.

Helpdesk Solutions Need to be able to Eloquent their Value

Help desks have been viewed as a cost center and due to IT issues and failure, the cost of quality is necessary. It does so much more than fix IT issues, though; in fact, it’s critical to business operations. But the focus of businesses (and not just their IT organizations) has long been elevated from what things cost to how they add value. It’s called value-based metrics, and it was key to making helpdesk value truly centered around business objectives. The value of your help desk will shift from being local (in terms of tactical resolutions) to global (in terms of strategic outcomes).

Helpdesk Management Metrics and Target Need to Change 

The cloud is soaring and the digital workplace is rapidly evolving. These two trends will bring about an IT service desk “perfect storm”, requiring IT service desks to reconsider some of their metrics in terms of how they are measured (e.g., more focus on business outcomes), where they are measured (e.g., more on outcomes rather than incidents, faster to measure outcomes rather than cost and effort), and what actions should be counted towards achievement of outcomes (e.g., things that make usability easier for users, not just incident handling).

Financial Pressure Stipulates Greater Helpdesk Efficiency

During a pandemic, most customers have suffered a drop and as they look forward to continuing to recover and grow their business in 2022, in this place, their first focus would be cost. 

The cost of delivering IT support these days is at an all-time high. There are many management initiatives focused on cutting costs, but while management may be satisfied with the reduced costs, customers don’t really care about that. After all, isn't it nice to know you’re doing more with less and improving your customer service at the same time? Well, with a help desk automation is exactly what you can do.