Business software ERP OR CRM helps small, macro, and micro Enterprises to regulate their supply chain operations. It also supports the easy mapping of Lengthy and complex production.

Always try to choose business software with no service charge. 

  • Which provides physically and Virtually 24/7 Secure data. 
  • Which gives you a pay-as-you-go model. 
  • Which reduces implementation complications.
  • Which provides you with complete security. 
  • Which gives you flexibility and easy access. 
  • Where there is no need to reinvent new formulas for the same products. 
  • This promises you peace of Mind by hardware and software maintenance, asset maintenance, and keeping data backups. 
  • Which must be available up to date and in running condition so that no need to keep a paper file. 

The software which gives you such features definitely helps to give faster time to value and improve your efficiency and results in more productive staff.

In the market, there is so much software available with its features. let’s compare…

upkeep BusinessEzee

UpKeep: This is a mobile computerized maintenance management. It starts at $ 29 per month. it gives you features like… preventive maintenance scheduling, avoid to do a recurring task, Asset Management, inventory management, a barcode scan. it provides file and photo storage, invoice PDF printing and emailing, video uploading, dashboard, and reporting, history backup, user access control, it facilitates work order prioritization, real-time chat, notification alerts for users of updates…  It is rated 4.6 out of 5.

e2shop BusinessEzeeE2 shop system: This software management for shop manufacturers and made to order job shops with total shop floor control. It features capacity planning, material planning, automated Rescheduling, repairing, estimation, job costing. It provides purchase order management, time tracking by Project, Quality Assurance, and quotation management. It facilitates labor cost reporting, clock in and out, barcode generation, delivery tracking, and automatic billing.  It is rated 4.3 out of 5. 3.

Oracle NetSuite BusinessEzee

Netsuite: This is a world-leading cloud ERP solution, it helps and empowers businesses of all sizes. More than 21000 customers across the world are using this.  It costs rupees 499 per month. It gives you features like accounting ERP, mobile access, workflow engine, marketing, accounts receivable, and payable.  It provides you features like Tak management, fixed asset management, cash management, fraud prevention, Global currency and exchange rates, audit trail, financial analysis.  It facilitates features like e-commerce management, fee payment, integration with Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Outlook. It is rated 4 out of 5.

ezee CRM logo BusinessEzee

ezeeCRM: One of the best CRM used for the IT industry and manufacturing industry. they provide a complete package from ” hello” to “complete win”. They are offering a 7 days free trial and rating 4.5 + out of 5. They are having satisfied customers all over the world with the following features like managing leads, sales conversion, CRM data, file storage, contact management, sales opportunity, reports, emails, chat /SMS. They are providing services like proper management of workflow, territory management, user audit, history, and timeline logs.  They are loaded with the facilities like call centers, dashboard, mobile app IOS, and Android, sales force automation, configurable CRM platform, lead contact account and deal management, basic reports dashboard, sales pipeline, email integration. They provide you good storage of data, 2 hours onboarding session, 1200 bulk email, quotation, and product management systems. They are offering this many facilities for only $7 per month.

For the batter result, always try to choose the experienced one and a software which has proper knowledge of a particular field. There are some features of the business software for the manufacturing industry.