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India’s top food delivery platform trusts ezeeBOT for hiring and onboarding delivery personnel across 580+ cities in India.

Bangalore-based India's largest online food ordering and the delivery platform was founded in July 2014, and as of September 2021, the organization's operations widened to 580+ Indian cities. In early 2019, the business expanded with general product deliveries. Later, they launched instant pick up and drop-off services.

The service is used for several categories of items, including laundry and documents or deliveries to business clients and retail customers. They were in need of a robust CRM and an omnichannel ChatBot solution! 

The central marketing team was using a ChatBot platform, which was not as robust as the existing platform had limitations, it was not able to integrate with external marketing platforms like Facebook Pixel, Indeed, Slack, TikTok, and they had advanced future planning of extending it to WhatsApp Bot, etc. 

"With limited visible impact, they were not able to handle multiple location onboarding/hiring campaigns."

"Moreover, it had limited reporting capabilities." As the company was growing and adding more cities to their platforms, there was a need for a robust ChatBot system that could reach out to their candidate database and automate the self-qualification process for screening the right candidates and minimize human efforts during the hiring process.


The Problem


The Solution

BusinessEzee, in collaboration with the operations team, did an unbelievably quick turnaround within a short span of time to effectively integrate and set up the whole solution as per their requirements. The team has worked round the clock relentlessly to ensure that the project meets its deadline and that the organization's operations team can automate its hiring processes through ezeeBOT.

The system has been customized to such a deep level that all the concerns have been taken care of and the solution has come out very crisp, as they wanted.

The hiring process of a candidate is a high-touch process consisting of email and SMS campaigns, verification, elimination, document collection, follow-ups, re-marketing, initial screening, approval, and enrollment. With greater visibility and integrated data across all these touchpoints, the organization can now speed up its delivery personnel hiring processes across the country and keep the candidates engaged throughout the process.


The Benefits

The true benefit of automation is that it ultimately improves the candidate's experience before they join the company. Now, Whenever the organization is launching their service in any new location, we just need to create the city and its offers, earn information in the admin area of ezeeBOT, and we are done. Then we can start sending the SMS campaign and the system does the rest.

Here are some of the highlighted benefits of the eventual solution.

1. An informative and smart dashboard which shows all the data points needed to strategies for further campaigns.

2. CRM Software (Admin Panel) – For managing lead data (from all sources), interviews, auto-emails, and SMS triggers.

3. Chatbot Integration: We can create various bot links for different cities and use them to run the campaign as per the marketing strategies defined.

4. Self-Qualification by Bot: The front-end bot that automatically qualifies candidates. The multilingual bot further submits the details to CRM.

5. SMS Integration: SMS is being sent to the candidates with the link of the bot to initiate the chat. Also, an auto-SMS gets triggered to confirm or acknowledge the details and interview as soon as the candidate schedules the interview.