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The goal was clear: to provide blue-collar people with access to a better life. However, they observed that the blue-collar workforce doesn't have access. The fundamental cause was not a lack of willpower, It was primarily due to a lack of technology and resources.

As a result, the team began to anticipate solutions that would bring them closer to their blue-collar staff and make it simpler to provide benefits to their lives. That was the start of the mission with a vision to create unique and long-lasting labor management solutions.

Developing game-changing technological solutions with the ambition to change the blue-collar worker industry."


The Problem

Almost 175 million people work in industries such as drivers, courier boys, delivery personnel, and other contract-based staff in India. Onboarding users in large volume require a robust system with no downtime. 

Businesses are experiencing several issues related to remote pre-boarding procedures, a lack of roles & responsibilities, absence of adequate work information, etc.

One of the key challenges is the high attrition rate; collecting documents becomes a time-consuming activity after the interview process.


The Solution

After conducting market research and gathering all relevant data, our team examined the fundamental problem. The assessment team came up with a solution to build a large volume Management and Onboarding Bot system with a future scalable prospect.

Our key goal is to manage big unexpected volumes in a simple AI-based solution that guides users in the onboarding process.


The Benefits

Remote onboarding of employees has emerged as a new market trend. It enables companies to conduct several position interviews remotely. This solution benefited the organization in saving costs. The enterprise saw a higher ROI on personnel expenditures with a more competent-oriented approach.

Here are some of the advantages that assisted the entrepreneurs in resolving market issues:

  1. Organization supervisors observed the value of the onboarding process in respect of cost savings and greater efficiency in the hiring, which had a substantial impact on the organization's onboarding team.
  2. The system's availability 24X7 assists in minimizing human contact for the systematic process and assuring talent acquisition, which is critical in big organizations.
  3. Data analysis assisted them in determining the real-time interaction. This builds trust with the individual and increases conversion rates and the possibility of a user's attendance.
  4. Activity tracking data helps the onboarding department analyze the user's behavior, allowing them to design and run campaigns. Utilizing various communication channels such as WhatsApp, phone support, IVR, and OCR to gain a competitive advantage.