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One of India's top transport and logistics organizations provides customized solutions to various industrial sectors by saving time and cost with world-class distribution services. The organization is associated with internationally competitive logistics management solutions executed in a trustworthy and service-oriented atmosphere. Excellence, devotion, and honesty are some of their key principles, which helped them achieve great success. Today, they deliver the best-integrated logistics services across the country, exceeding their clients' objectives.

They have an effective distribution network that connects consumers and businesses via rail freight, airmail, sea route, and express deliveries through road transport.

They have progressed from a modest transportation firm to a significant logistics service provider, with 63 PAN India operation centers.


The Problem

The top management is experiencing workforce challenges. They were looking for a professional and well-trained workforce to carry out their everyday tasks. They wanted to increase the efficiency of their staff members. Managers aspired to create a productive atmosphere where everybody should be accountable for the business progress.

Lack of time for on-site training, no proper training schedule when the workforce requires it, and keeping them waiting until the next training session is planned. With pan-India operations, they want a system that should be easy-to-use, scalable, and cost-effective for improving operational expertise in multiple locations, with more centralized access.


The Solution

We made it very easy for them to manage the activity by offering a learning management system with scalable technology and a location-centric approach.

We discovered that a Learning Management System (LMS) was the appropriate solution. They deployed our system after consulting with their top management. The fundamental purpose of a learning management system (LMS) is to improve the process of learning. It provides customizable reporting, multiple-channel accessibility, administration, skill gap analysis, tracking, and an easy dashboard user interface.


The Benefits

Following the implementation, the business observed the behavior changes in the mindset of the employee and noticed a 20.65% business growth in the first financial year.

The following benefits that managers were able to see:

  1. Interactive dashboards provide a high-level overview of online training courses with a centralized source of information, making it easier to execute updates. All users receive the same real-time improved information. 
  2. Flexible reporting and analytics with visual representations of learner statistics and customizable reports assist managers in creating better training programs. This helps identify the important areas where employees need to grow while evaluating their abilities.
  3. The remote or mobile-ready feature guarantees that learners have continuous access to materials. Organizations may educate their personnel regardless of where they live. With the advancement of technology, remote work or access is becoming more common among enterprises with multiple locations.
  4. Learners' automated alerts and notification features regarding their training schedule and informing managers on a user's course completion help them track the employee's activity. 
  5. Multi-channel integration reduced the training costs and time, which helped the organization expand to various locations to train its team members.