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The only POS system that can combine your offline and online store sales today.

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Provide your customers the personalized and frictionless buying, returns or exchange experience.
Inventory Management
  • ezeePOS allows you to keep a check on your product inventory. The automated inventory feature can connect with your sales and purchase entries and let you know when any product is running low.
  • Quick payment, paired with an easy-to-use invoice system, allows your company to keep track of all tax data.
Data Security
  • With ezeePOS data is transferred in an encrypted format with a multi-factor authentication process making your business related data secure and safe. Some of our numerous features, such as delivery challans and business reports, simplify business operations.
Multiple Payment Processing
  • Payment Processing is one of the most important tasks of a Point Of Sale System. The transaction is processed by your POS system every time a customer buys something.
  • You can integrate multiple payment options and be rest assured about the payment processing, thereby focusing on your business. Our easy-to-use features allow you to set up POS in no time.
Employee Management
  • ezeePOS lets you know the overall performance of your staff and employees. ezeePOS can also grant permissions to certain employees so that they can get access to certain tasks. ezeePOS lets you check the productivity and efficiency of your employees.

ezeePOS comee with features that are valuable for your business.

Invoicing Made Easy

Creating GST invoices has never been easier. ezeePOS allows you to send invoices and bills to your customers and vendors with just a click.

Multiple Payment Options

ezeePOS allows you to accept payments in any mode of your choice. You can accept cash, debit card, credit card, and even online payments.

Billing At Your Fingertips

ezeePOS is compatible with any desktop, laptop, or mobile. This feature allows you to manage your billings, reports, and checkout process at your fingertips.

Expense Management

Record your expenditures on your ezeePOS instantly by inputting the bill details provided by your vendors or suppliers, thereby helping you to keep your expenses in check.

Easy Data Backup

ezeePOS includes a backup and restore feature that allows you to keep your business info, bills, receipts, and any other important data in a safe and secure location or device.

Scheduled Payments

You can send payment reminders to your vendors, suppliers and even your customers using ezeePOS on a specific pre-scheduled date.

Centralized Reporting

ezeePOS gives a centralized reporting dashboard where you can view all the important data related to your business, helping you make informed decisions faster.

Secured Data

ezeePOS ensures that all your business data is encrypted and safe at all times. You also have a feature to do a local backup on your device.

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