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Delivery Challan

What Is Delivery Challan?

A delivery challan is a crucial document generated by a seller when goods are dispatched via shipment. It’s important to note that such a delivery doesn’t always signify a sale. For instance, the transfer of goods between a head office and a branch office necessitates the issuance of a delivery challan, despite not constituting a sale.

There are two primary types of delivery challans:
Outward Delivery Challan:
An outward delivery challan is a formal document that provides comprehensive details of transported goods to the relevant sales authority. It is commonly used for job work and subcontracting purposes and may be sent alongside an invoice.
Inward Delivery Challan:
An inward delivery challan is created to track all materials sent and received for a specific job, including raw materials.

When Delivery Challan Is Issued?

A delivery challan is issued in specific scenarios as per Section 55 (1) of the CGST laws:

  1. When the quantity is unknown during the supply of liquid gas.
  2. If goods are transported before they are supplied, such as moving goods between warehouses.
  3. When goods are transported for job work, including scenarios where goods are sent from a principal to a job worker, transferred from one job worker to another, or sent back from the job worker to the principal.

These scenarios outline when a supplier may issue a delivery challan instead of an invoice, as per the CGST laws.

What Are The Contents of the Free Delivery Challan Template?

The contents of the Free Delivery Challan Template include the following:

  1. Contact details: The name and address of both the consignor and consignee.
  2. GSTIN details: Clear mention of the GSTIN details of both parties involved.
  3. Challan date and number: The date of issue and the unique delivery challan number.
  4. Item description and HSN Code: The item descriptions along with their Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN) codes.
  5. Quantity: The quantity of goods transported and the corresponding unit of measurement.
  6. Tax rates and taxable value: The applicable tax rates, taxable value, and the total amount of all relevant taxes.
  7. Price and quantity: The total price and the overall quantity of the goods.
  8. Place of supply: If the goods are crossing state lines, the place of supply must be mentioned.
  9. Signature of the supplier: The delivery challan should bear the signature of the supplier.

These elements constitute the standard format of a GST delivery challan, ensuring comprehensive documentation of the goods being transported.

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What is the purpose of a Delivery Challan?

A Delivery Challan serves as a document for goods dispatched via shipment, even when it doesn’t involve a direct sale, aiding in tracking transfers between different business locations or for specific jobs.

Can a Delivery Challan be used for transactions other than sales?

Yes, besides sales, Delivery Challan facilitates the documentation of goods transfers between various branches or offices, job work, subcontracting, or movement of raw materials.

What are the key details included in an Outward Delivery Challan?

An Outward Delivery Challan contains comprehensive information about transported goods, serving as a formal notification to relevant authorities. It may accompany invoices for job work or subcontracting purposes.

How does an Inward Delivery Challan differ from an Outward Delivery Challan?

An Inward Delivery Challan is specifically used to track materials received for a job, including raw materials, ensuring accurate inventory management and job progress tracking.

Can BusinessEzee generate various formats of Delivery Challan documents?

Yes, BusinessEzee offers multiple user-friendly templates for creating Delivery Challans, catering to different business needs and ensuring ease of use and standardized documentation.